Parallels 3.x and Cisco VPN 4.9x

I often use Cisco VPN to connect to my University network when I am outside.
Status  Connected | Vpn Client - Version 4.9.01 (0030)

The problem is that after I had installed Parallels 3, Cisco VPN stopped working, giving the most strange message when I started the program...
 Sites Default Blog 20070611-Ciscovpn-01

This problem was driving me crazy...
Well looks like I'm not the only one.
After googling for a while I found this solution that seems to work.
If you have this problem, give it a try.

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2 Response to "Parallels 3.x and Cisco VPN 4.9x"

  1. Rui Marinheiro 31 de julho de 2007 às 16:18
    Is this safe? Do you know if the VPN client, prior to the Parallels 3.0 installation, disables the firewall interface when it boots?
  2. Unknown 7 de agosto de 2007 às 10:21
    Não... infelizmente não sei.